'Come Full Circle' (in situ) - Abstract Art by Jane Trotter

‘Come Full Circle’

We are all familiar with the idea of the ‘circle of life’ – the growth and transformation from birth to death – a renewal and rebirth. In ‘Come Full Circle’ I explore the themes of life and death, departure and return, of coming ‘full circle’ and completing the cycle.

Our life’s journey can take us on many alternative paths. Sometimes we circle around, double back, feel stalled or rush ahead. Sometimes we briefly depart from our usual route but then find ourselves returning again to more familiar territory. Perhaps it’s the pull towards our true nature, of coming home to our core values and beliefs and having those ripple out into the world again.

Whatever the journey and path we take, hopefully we’ll become a little wiser in the process, leaving a legacy of hope and understanding for our next generation.

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    * My preferred format for creating my images is an aspect ratio of 1.414 - in NZ this is the aspect ratio of an A2 piece of paper. While this is pleasing to my eye, it does tend to require custom framing which in my experience is very nice but has a price tag to match. 

    I'm not going to change how I create my art, however in the interests of making it more accessible, I have reviewed each artwork and made some modifications to align it with common standards for print sizes. These changes provide access to a broader range of framing options and allow me to partner with some resellers who can handle the sales process more efficiently than I can.

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