Learn more about how I create my Abstract and Triptych photographs


Learn more about how I create my Abstract and Triptych photographs

Looking for Presentations for a Club Night?

As my work tends to be very unusual and there is a high ‘curiosity value’ around what and how I photograph my subjects, I have given presentations on several aspects of my photography to a variety of audiences.

In an effort to make my work and methods easily accessible for photographic clubs and societies, both in New Zealand and around the world, I have recorded two of my presentations which can be downloaded and played at club nights.

'Abstracted Reality'

‘Abstracted Reality’ is a look behind the scenes at how I approach my abstract photography, my work processes and how I create some of my images.

The presentation lasts for an hour and covers:

  • How I got started: working in themes/studies
  • Guiding Principles and Goals
  • Defining ‘Abstract’
  • Learning and Selection Process – What works and what doesn’t
  • What makes a good Abstract?
  • How ideas grow and develop
  • Mini-studies: explore different methods of photographing one subject
  • My top ten reasons for taking Abstracts

Stimulating and Thoughtful

Jane presented a stimulating and thoughtful presentation on digital abstract art. For her, both music and the visual arts offer the same challenges, and create a similar response; even the vocabulary is the same – colour, tone, form, composition and so on. Her passion and dedication for this was infectious, and the images she showed inspired some really lively discussion. Possessing an instinct for recognizing the often rather serendipitous eye of the camera, Jane revealed just how many works of art can be coaxed out of what at first sight can appear to be a very limited environment. All the artist needs is eyes that can see.

David Corballis ... Dunedin Art Society Review (Abridged)

'The Art of Creating a Triptych'

In ‘The Art of Creating a Triptych’, I focus exclusively on my abstract triptychs, revealing my design concepts, creative processes and in-depth aspects of their construction.

Over the course of the hour, I canvas:

  • A brief history of the triptych
  • The broad categories which most triptychs will fall into
  • “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”
  • Options for construction
  • What makes a good triptych?
  • The triptych ‘cut’
  • Deciding where to crop your triptych
  • Getting creative and tips for starting out

Hooked from Start to Finish

Jane is a gifted speaker and presenter who is easy to understand and keeps the viewer hooked from start to finish. Jane’s Triptych Presentation is very professionally done. From talking about the origins and the different options, Jane then shows us how to create our own works of art by breaking down her process in a way that leaves the viewer inspired and very keen to give it a go.

Helen Westerbeke ... Hutt Camera Club

Requesting Access to the Presentations

I am happy to make the presentations available to recognised groups with an interest in the visual arts. Please encourage one of your club’s officers to contact me and, provided everything checks out, I will send them details on how to access the presentation and resources.

Accompanying Presentation Notes

I know how difficult it is to write notes in the dark while a presenter is displaying and talking about their images, so to help your club members, I have also created handouts of the key points for each of the presentations.

You are free to distribute these handouts to your members or, if more convenient, load them on to your club’s website.

You take abstract photography to a new level

Your work is magnificent and awe inspiring. You take abstract photography to a new level.

Elaine Alibrandi ... Artist & Poet

Enthusiastically Enjoyed

A professional, fascinating presentation, enthusiastically enjoyed! The imaginative and quirky images clearly displayed Jane's talent which parallel her professional ability as a musician and teacher.

Margaret Whitworth ... Otago Branch IRMTNZ


Thanks for making your wonderful programme available to us.
It was inspiring!

Margaret Walford ... Whanganui Camera Club