Everyday objects as you’ve never seen them before

Photography by Jane Trotter

I want to go beyond what I see. For me, photography is not so much about artistically recording what is there, but creating something new and different out of what exists already. I want to alter and challenge my perspective. To take the ‘known’ and invite the ‘unknown’.
Jane playing the piano in her Studio

Music and Photography – how do they relate?

Persistence, exploration, experimentation, refinement of the learning process, and an individuality of interpretation are just some of the qualities which drive musicians and photographers to improve their art. For me, the parallels between making music and making a photograph are very strong and deeply ingrained. This is the second in a series of articles I’m […]

First Contact - Abstract Art by Jane Trotter

Exposed #5: First Contact

They say oil and water don’t mix. I beg to differ! Throw in something which will provide a colourful, reflective surface and you’ve got the ingredients for hours of fun with the camera, not to mention the potential for making a great abstract photograph. ‘First Contact’ is the result of some of my early attempts […]

Colour Cathedral - Abstract Art by Jane Trotter

Top 10 Reasons for taking Abstract Photos

What are the advantages of taking abstract photos? What benefits will you gain from delving deeper into this style of photography? It may not be a genre you’ve had much experience with, but there are numerous reasons for getting creative and giving it a go. Here are my top 10: Expand your creativity and imagination […]