Jane Trotter's Contemporary Abstract Art

Jane photographs commonplace, everyday items found around the home and transforms them into eye-catching and dramatic pieces of contemporary abstract art.

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Latest Artworks at Abstracted Reality

It’s not often that I go for an industrial, grunge kind of aesthetic, but for ‘Star Turn’ it ...

‘Star Turn’

I love the riot of colour in this image – I wanted to create something rich, bold and ...

‘Flight of Fancy’

What would life be like on another world? Would the landscape and environment be inviting and habitable, or ...

‘Electric Pagoda’

This image has a real sense of movement and momentum. I see colours caught in a ‘slipstream’, sucked ...

‘Universal Slipstream’

Introducing Jane Trotter

"Imagery which challenges creative boundaries and stimulates the imagination has always been at the forefront of my abstract photography."