Open Editions

Get your own 'Jane Trotter' artwork from one of my Open Edition Artwork partners.

Open Editions

Get your own 'Jane Trotter' artwork from one of my Open Edition Artwork partners.

Why I Use Partners

I'm a creative person, whether that's with a camera or sitting at a piano, and those are the activities I enjoy and excel at. Fortunately there are businesses with people that excel at taking my work and creating masterpieces from it, and I'm lucky enough to have them as my partners. 

Through them, you can purchase most of my images in a range of sizes, including 'massive' - seriously, if you want one of my artworks backlit and covering a wall from floor to ceiling, you can have that. And you can also have a simple print in a frame as well. That's the benefit of having partners - I don't have to do all that myself.

All artworks available from my partners are Open Edition, which generally means they have been modified from my original creation to fit the standard sizes my partners manufacture. This makes my art more accessible (and easier to frame), so it's a compromise I'm happy to make.

Large & Grand Format Fabric Prints

'Angel Wing' (in situ) - Abstract Art by Jane Trotter

One Frame is a New Zealand based company that prints my work on a range of fabrics to meet the needs of designers, architects and commercial specifiers.

They have solutions that can be backlit, absorb sound from noisy environments, and just generally look great, especially with my photography on it. 🙂  If you want my artwork to fill a wall, these are the people to talk with.

As an added bonus, the artworks you get through 'One Frame' are at the original aspect ratio I used when creating the artwork - the same images that I use for my Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

Sizes start at 'large' and get bigger from there. They have a good range of my work 'ready to go' but if you don't see what you want (size or image) just contact them and together we will make it happen.

Fine Art and Canvas Prints

Open Editions of my work are available in a range of sizes on Canvas, Photo Paper and Fine Art Paper from Saatchi Art. You can also have them frame the print and they ship to most countries.

Remember to change from the default 'Original' tab to the 'Prints' tab as shown on the right.

AcryLuxe Face Mounted Prints

If you’re wanting a striking, vibrant and contemporary look for the modern home or office, an Abstracted Reality AcryLuxe Face Mounted Print will certainly fit the bill.  This is a premium product available in sizes up to 1.6m wide and the refraction of light through the acrylic really brings out the colours and detail of the image. 

I can’t do justice to the whole process here! - but to briefly summarise, the image itself is printed on 220gsm archival satin paper. A thin layer of liquid, clear silicon adhesive is applied on the front of the print, which is then placed between the acrylic face (a 3mm sheet of clear AcryLuxePlus 100 acrylic) and backing board. You can see this detail in the close up above. 

We have ‘Electric Pagoda’ proudly hanging in our kitchen area and enjoy it every day. If you would like to explore this option for yourself or your client, please get in touch.

Potential Partners

I'm open to opportunities to work with other partners if they would be a good fit for my artwork, and understand that art professionals may have printers, framers etc. that they regularly work with. I'm happy to consider personal recommendations for businesses to partner with, so please 'get in touch'.